Trademark search in Japan. Why do you need to conduct a trademark search before applying your trademark application in Japan.

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In the objective of preparing in the best way possible your application and prevent any infringement or the possibility of rejection by the Japan National Office, it is highly recommended that you will proceed with research to ensure your trademark is available before using it or filing a trademark application in Japan.

This research is not required by Japan Trademark Law but it allows you to save money and time.

The future applicant can carry out this research individually without the help of a local representative by using << Japanese Trademark Database >> available on the Japan Plateform for Patent Information.

This site may be consulted in English and Japanese. J-PlatPat provides around 100.3 million documents of patents, utility models, designs and trademarks and their relevant information that have been published. Basic information in gazettes can also be found on this platform.

More precisely, you will can retrieve trademark applications and registrations by their names, documents numbers, type of trademark.

It is also possible to research from goods and services by clicking on tab << Searching goods & services >>. Japan refers to a figure term list of the Vienna Classification.

Lastly, you will find the trademarks that are considered as Well-Known Trademarks in Japan.

In the event you want to be assisted in your research for check that your trademark isn’t indentical and/or similar you can call upon the services of a local law firm which will conduct a word mark search within 5 business days and a device mark search within 10 business days.

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