Fee of Trademark registration in China.
In China, trademarks are logos and symbols that distinguish the goods or service of one entrepreneur or business owner, legal entity or any other organization in China. Our competative fees for registering trademark in China Trademark search in China
Time Trademark search Fees (USD)
4 – 6 working days For the first class 80
For the second class 60
Trademark registration  in China
Time Number of Class Fees (USD)
16 – 18 months The first class 320
The second class 300
  • The maximum iteams in one class: 10 iteams. The additional charge for each extra item above 10 is 15$
  • Multi-Class Application in China, Available but Not Advisable.
  • A simple power of attorneyexecuted by the applicant, no notarisation is required
You need to find:
  • Required documents for registering trademark in China
  • The Time frame for obtaining the trademark registration in China

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