National Trademark Filings

Trademark application can be directly filed with the national IP office national-trademark-filings.


The Madrid System

The Madrid system is the primary international system for facilitating the registration of trademarks in multiple jurisdictions around the world.

It is highly recommended that you should use Madrid system if you want to file your trademark application in many countries.


  • Fees
  • Online-Filings
  • Documents & Form
  • Class of Goods/Services
  • Trademark License
  • Use and Non-use
  • Trademark renewal
  • Trademark Watch
  • Trademark Violation

Documents and Forms

  • MM2: (Application for international registration governed exclusively by the Madrid Protocol)
  • MM5: Request for the recordal of a Change in Ownership
  • MM8: Request for the recordal of a Cancellation of the International Registration
  • MM11: Renewal of the international registration
  • MM13: Request for the Recording of a License


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  • Search: $ 280


  • Search: $ 120
  • Registration: $ 430         Oder Now


  • Search: $ 120
  • Registration: $ 430         Oder Now 

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Steps of registering trademark

Trademark searches help you find similar goods or services that will limit your ability to protect your mark. Trademarkprotection exists so that consumers know the source of goods and services. A trademark has to uniquely identify your goods and services as coming from you.

According to your number of countries which you want to protect your trademark, you should use Madrid system or national application directly.

Depend on the countries which you filed your trademark application, it often take 06 months to 18 months from filing to granting and your trademark certificat is valid for 10 years

Global Trademark News


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  • New Trademark Law of Myanmar
  • How to make a free search of Asia Trademark 
  • Should use color mark or black & white
  • The updated of International Classification of Goods and Services
  • The Chinese International Classification of Goods and Services
  • Stop to use MM1 form of Madrid System
  • Stop to use MM3 form of Madrid System
  • Afghanistan Joins Marrakesh Treaty

Fees of Trademark registration

  • In 2018
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