In order to submit trademark application in Thailand, the following information and documents are required:

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  • Information: the applicant has to provide individual information, including their name, address and nationality.
  • The sample of the trademark provided in a specific format of 5 cm by 5 cm, although a sample exceeding these dimensions may be submitted. The applicant must choose whether it wishes to protect specific colours or submit the trademark application without any colour claims. If a colour claim is filed, the mark will be registered specifically for the colours claimed by the applicant and the applicant must indicate Pantone codes for such colours.
  • The list of goods/service the applicant desires to use for the trademark. These goods/services must be classified based on the Nice Classification. Besides, the applicant need to clarify details of the types of goods/services, because the Department of Intellectual Property does not accept general one like food, water, etc.
  • The Power of Attorney. If the applicant is foreigner, the POA shall need to be notarized. One power of attorney is sufficient for several trademark applications.

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