Malaysia is a country that has many laws related to intellectual property. These laws are modernized and comprehensive according to the WIPO standard. And MYIPO also regularly organizes seminars and training to raise the awareness about intellectual property laws in the business community and the general public. Documentation to register a trademark is also an issue of concern for this country

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 Required document for trademark registration

To obtain the filing date, it is necessary to provide the Intellectual Property Corporation of Malaysia with:

– Name and Address of Applicant;

– The List of goods or services;

– Statutory Declaration that the applicant is the bona fide proprietor of the trademark and the application is made in good faith; the declaration has to be signed before a Commissioner for Oaths (for local declarant) or before a Notary Public (if signed abroad).

If convention priority is claimed, a certified copy of the Priority Document is required with a certified English translation where documents are not in English, preferably within less than one month from filing the trademark application.


When choosing the type of goods you need to apply for trademark registration, be sure to apply for protection in all areas where you think your trade mark might be used. Another company may register very similar trade marks for one commodity and benefit from consumer confusion.

Malaysia currently has no rules allowing trademark registration to include sounds or scents. However, there are rules for certification marks, trademarks that the owner himself does not use. Instead, these marks are registered for use by third parties and indicate that the branded goods have certain characteristics related to the origin, materials used, and mode of production. export, quality or other notable features. These applications require the provision of rules to be used to determine which goods can be used as trademarks.

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