What are required documents for trademark filing in Bangladesh ?  If you want to register your trademark in Bangladesh, you are required to provide some necessary documents as bellow:

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  1. Name, Address & Nationality of the applicant(s);
  2. Specimen of the Trademark to be filed;
  3. Trade Description (Whether the applicant is a “Manufacturer”; “Importer” or “Service Provider”);
  4. Goods/Services under the International classification of goods and service (Nice Classification);
  5. Approximate first date of use of the mark in Bangladesh (it may be “proposed to be used” also);
  6. Translation and Transliteration of the mark (if the mark contains any other character(s) other than the “English” or “Bengali”);
  7. In case of claiming priority, certified copy of the prior application should be required (if not in English Language, then please provide us an English Translation version) &
  8. Executed Form TM-10 (Power of Attorney). The Form TM-10 need not to be notarized/legalized, a simple sighed with sealed POA will be in order. A form of Power of Attorney (Form TM-10) is attached herewith.

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