Procedure of trademark registration in Singapore. The time frame for application to a trademark registration in Singapore is approximately 6-12 months, including three stages:  

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#Stage 1: Submitting Trademark application to the Intellectual Property Office of Singapore.

#Stage 2: Publishing application.

The information of trademark application is published on National Gazette.

Any third parties may file the opposition application based on the ground that the applied trademark could not be protected in Singapore in accordance with the prescribed regulations.

#Stage 3: Issuing of trademark certificate or refusal notification.

If the trademark in Singapore meet the protection criteria, the applicant shall be granted trademark certificate. Otherwise, a refusal notification shall be issued, which state out the legal for the refusal.

Trademark certificate is protected in 10 years from the time of filling the application and can be renewed.

Required documents for trademark registration

In order to file trademark application in Singapore, the applicants need to prepare these following documents:

  • The name, address and nationality of the applicant
  • Trademark samples
  • A list of goods and/or services in relation to which you wish to register your trade mark
  • A declaration of your use of or intention to use the mark

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