PCT patent in Vietnam, You would like to enter the a PCT application into national phase in Vietnam. The procedure on registering a PCT pa tent application in Vietnam as hereafter

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PCT Patent in Vietnam, the time limit applicable for entry into Vietnamese national phase is 31 months from the priority date. The procedure on registering a PCT patent application in Vietnam as hereafter

Step 1. Preparing required documents for filing a patent application in Vietnam

–     International application published (we can assist you to get it from Wipo’s Database)

–     International search report (we can assist you to get it from Wipo’s Database, too)

–     Patent specification with drawings (if any)

–     Information of Applicant and inventor

–     POA (formed)

–     Other Priority documents (if any)

Step 2. Sending us all documents by email/fax and DHL

–     POA (PCT Application can be filed without original POA at the filing date. However, a copy is filed at filing and the original should be submitted within 3 months from the filing date.)

–     Patent Specification; Information of Applicant and Inventor will be sent to us by Email.

Step 3. Translation and Revision

–     We will translate all necessary documents from foreign language into Vietnamese

–     We will send you the translation of patent’s specification for revision (if necessary )

–     You will resend us the revised translation.

Step 4.  Filing a patent application in NOIP


Time Frame

Content of examination

Formality examination

1 month from the filing date (if all required document are submitted) or from the date of supplementation of all documents.

Examination of formality of patentapplication

Publication of patent application

02 months  from the date of acceptance of patent application

Publishing patent application on IP Gazette

Substantive examination

16 -18 months from the date on which the application is required for publication..

Examination of criteria of protection of patent application.

Step 5.    Granting patent for invention

–           If your client’s patent application  fully satisfies the requirements of the novelty; inventive nature; industrial applicability, it will be granted patent for invention by NOIP

–           We will receive the patent from NOIP and send it to you by DHL


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