Patent in Laos, File a patent application in Laos is based on the first-to-file principle. Our Patent Attorney will help you to choose the shortest and cheapest way to protect your patent in Laos

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Patent in Laos registered is effective for a term of: 20 years valid (from the filing date).

Required Document for filing a patent application in Laos

+ The information of Applicant

+ The information of Inventor

+ Patent Specification

+ Patent’s Draw (if Any)

+ Priority Documents (if any)

Patent procedures in Laos

Work Time
Patent Filing  03 working days
Publication of Unexamined application 18 months from the filing date or first priority date
Examination Requested at any time within three years from the date of filing
Acceptance (Notice of Allowance) or rejection.
Payment of the Issue Fees.

The patentee shall pay an annual fee beginning with the year in which the patent right was granted.

Patent registration in Laos here

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