In today market, the registration of trademarks in Cambodia is increasing. However, many individuals and enterprises don’t know how to apply for trademark registration in Cambodia.

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  1. Searching

Conducting a private pre – filling search is not mandatory but it’s important. It can save the applicant the time, effort and cost entailed in developing, adopting and applying to register a trademark in which someone else has prior.

  1. Document required for filling:

Name and address of the applicant

State or country of incorporation

Description of trademark

Representation of trademark

A list of goods/services

Power of attorney

Official filling fee

Priority claim, where priority of an earlier application is claimed.

  1. Receiving office

National Office of Intellectual property of Cambodia

  1. Time frame for obtaining registration

The approximate time for application to registration is about nine month, consist of:

An application for registration of industrial property shall have its form examined within one month from the filling date

Applications for registration of marks shall be published within two months as from the date such application is accepted as being valid.

An application for registration of industrial property shall be substantively examined within six months.

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