How much does it cost to register a trademark in Vietnam ? Multi-Class application is accepted in Vietnam. You can file a trademark application for many goods/services in Vietnam.

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Fees for trademark registration in Vietnam. Trademark search (it is not required)
Works Price Time
Preliminary trademark search Free 1 days
Trademark search for once class $25 3-5 working days
Filing new trademark application
Works Price Time
Filing a trade mark for first class (maximum 6 items of goods or services) (including filing fee, Substantive examination and publication) 1- 2 working days
For the first class $155
For the additional class from second once. $120
*includes: Office fees and Attorney fees Trademark registration
Works Price Time
Registration fees 12 – 16 months
For the first class $ 30
For the additional class from second once. $ 15
*includes: Office fees and Attorney fees Required documents for registering a new trademark in Vietnam.
  • The power of Attorney (Download)
  • Name and address of Applicant (s)
  • Priority documents (if any)
  • List of goods/ services.
  • The sample of Trademark (Soft version).

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