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    Trademark registration in Vietnam

    Vietnam has adopted the “first-to-file” rule. Trademark application in Vietnam allows maximum 06 items in one class. Vietnam accept Multi-Class Application and a simple power of attorney executed by the applicant, no notarization is required for trademark registration in Vietnam

    Our competitive fees for registering trademark in Vietnam

    Trademark search in Vietnam

    Time Trademark search Fees (USD)
    4 – 6 working days For the first class 35
    For the second class 35

    Trademark registration  in China

    Time Number of Class Fees (USD)
    16 – 18 months The first class 185
    The second class 140


    • The maximum items in one class: 06 items. The additional charge for each extra item above 10 is 15$
    • Multi-Class Application in Vietnam.
    • A simple power of attorney executed by the applicant, no notarization is required

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